What We Do

We take your ideas and turn them into innovative, working solutions.
Solutions that exceed your expectation in function, aesthetic, and ease of use.

  • Back Offices

    We can make your site's login unveil great features and products in the backoffice.

  • Websites

    Great design, compelling UX and UI, and up-to-date with the latest in mobile responsiveness.

  • Video and Audio Streaming

    From the simplest to the most complex video and audio streaming requirements, we can get you the functionality required for today's multimedia centered users.

  • CRM

    We are not the guys who simply patch you into a CRM (although we certainly can do that), but we are the guys who build the CRMs.

  • Platforms

    We specialize in scaleable platforms. Websites and features that can go from 100 users to 100 million users. Our platforms are used by hundreds of thousands and even millions of end users.

  • eCommerce

    Custom shopping carts that integrate with the latest softwares. Point of sale UIs and check out processes that are easy and secure.

  • Mobile

    Mobile apps and mobile responsive design. Solutions custom taylored to work on any device.

  • Integrations

    We have done integrations with jawbone, fitbit, authorize.net, quickbooks, amazon, ebay, and many, many more.

  • Training

    We build modern training platforms where clients build their own courses and quizzes and the end user enjoys a rich, engaging, enhanced educational experience.

  • Architecture

    Whether simple or complex, 100 users or 100 million users, we understand the database, network, server, technology and application requirements to design and make the best experience for your needs and budget.

What We Are About

Fabuso was created with the idea that code should only be done once, then improved over time instead of redone over and over. We are passionate about making decisions that will prove to be good ones many years down the road.

We are continually examining research and new ideas and technologies to make the best decisions possible for our clients understanding their budget constraints and fast paced development requirements.

With over 15 years in the business, we have cultivated an exceptional team of talented professionals. Our focus is on finding clients who have ongoing development needs and can leverage their business with our unique talent and abilities.


Who We Are

  • Shaye Larsen

    Shaye Larsen


  • Dale Larsen

    Dale Larsen


  • Ben A.

    Ben Ashby

    Lead Developer/Network Engineer

  • Tyler B.

    Tyler Brignone

    Java Developer

  • Mike S.

    Mike Staples

    Mobile Developer/Graphic Designer

  • Dee C.

    Dee Carreon

    Administrative Assistant

  • Lou M.

    Lou Mendoza

    Web Developer

  • Ray E.

    Ray Estocado

    Web Developer

  • Jeffery M.

    Jeffrey Dela Cruz

    Web Developer

  • Irene L.

    Irene Luman

    Research and Testing

  • Manfred R.

    Manfred R

    Platform Consultant

Join Us

At Fabuso, we're always looking for top talent to join our team. If you feel you have what it takes and want to be on a team that is moving fast, contact us. Whether we have job openings or not, we can't resist great people!

Giving Back

We provide ongoing support to The Shamba Foundation, an organization striving to feed, clothe, house, and educate children of Kenya, Africa. shambafoundation.org

Contact Us

Our offices are in downtown Ogden, Utah on 2314 Washington Blvd in the Weber State Downtown Store building on the 2nd floor.

Feel free to contact us at:
(801) 609-1320